Remembering new English words

Among numerous and sometimes complicated techniques of remembering new English words the most straightforward one is a technique in which you should try to find a word in Russian with a similar or partially similar meaning and pronunciation. This allows our memory to draw an analogy with a word in question and learn it effortlessly. Despite the fact that there are not so many of such words, this technique should not be dismissed out of hand as ineffective since it works hands down better than other techniques. Here are a few examples:


Soup (суп) — суп

Pâté (пэтей) – паштет

Fruit (фрут) – фрукты

A cutlet (катлет) – котлета

A pier (пиэ) —  пирс


Here is some practice below. Look these words up in a good dictionary, write down their translation and sounds to understand how easy it is to remember them using this technique.

An example:

Линолеум — linoleum (линоулиэм) /lɪˈnəʊ.li.əm/

  1. Депо
  2. Таблетка
  3. Табуретка
  4. Мелодичный
  5. Пародия
  6. Мускулистый
  7. Притвориться


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