Упражнение для практики перефразирования во второй части IELTS Academic Writing

Перефразируйте выделенные слова в предложениях, используя слова или выражения с аналогичным значением.

Упражнение 1

1) Some people a) say that b) the best way to teach children to c) behave well is to d) punish them.

2) a) A lot of b) research has shown that c) overeating can have a d) number of e) negative effects on the body.

3) Schools a) should b) stop c) using books to d) teach and e) use films, f) TV and computers g) in the classroom instead.

4) Does the Internet a) need to be b) controlled by the government? 

5) Forests a) produce fresh oxygen and b) participate in c) regulating climate. 

1) Some people a) claim that b) the most effective method of c) making children be on their best behaviour is d) punishment.

2) There has been a) an extensive b) number of studies that show how c) consuming vast quantities of food/consuming a lot of food can e) adversely affect the body d) in a number of ways.

3) Schools a) ought to b) cease c) applying books in d) education and e) start to empoy other teaching means g) during a lesson such as computers, f) television and films.

4) Is it a) necessary to b) exercise (rigorous) control over the Internet by the government?

5) Oxygen is a chemical compound that is a) made by forests and b) used in the process of c) controlling climate.


Упражнение 2

А теперь перефразируйте выделенные слова во всем задании.

a) An increasing number of people are b) now c) using dating sites to d) meet their second halves. Do you e) think that this f) tendency g) helps people to h) socialize or i) does more harm than good?

Give your opinion. Provide relevant examples if necessary.


Ответы к упражнениям



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