Упражнение для закрепления артиклей.

Упражнение 1. Исправьте ошибки в артиклях там, где это необходимо.

1) Yesterday was a very busy day. I went to a supermarket to buy some food, and then my dad and I decided to check up on Bill, who went to the hospital a few days ago. After that my dad drove to the work and I had to go back to the school to sit for my exam, after which I felt tired and went to the park to relax a bit.

2) We were at the sea last summer, travelling along the river and saw amazing ladndscapes a day and night.

3) The newly invented device will indeed be put at the service of the progress of a humankind.

4) A Lake Baikal and Mount Elbrus are considered to be very attractive places for tourists.

5) However, the elephants are considered by many scientists to be quite vindictive.

6) Some believe that children should not go to the school on Saturdays. Instead they need to go to a church to have a better spiritual enlightenment.

7) This D-grade student turned physician and became the most famous scientist ever to walk on Earth.

8) Going to a theatre or a cinema may greatly develop one's wish to try the new hobby.

9) We went to the town to buy some food and then had a dinner in our backyard. My nephew said that it was very good dinner and I felt really pleased.

10)  It is necessary to study day and night before the serious exam, though one should not take it to the extremes.

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