Упражнения для практики составных рифмующихся слов (rhyming compounds).


Упражнение 1. Change the underlined words below for rhyming compounds using information from the article.


1) I couldn't muster up enough courage to approach her — she was wearing such an eleborate and showy suit with a lot of men around her!

2) We normally chinwag with each other over a cuppa about various things.

3) We decided to leave the country because we had had enough of its toffee-nose people and their liking for showiness.

4) When buying a car it is necessary to watch out for dishonest behaviour of its seller and the damage that it sustained over its period of use.

5) This scientist was thought to have a lot of nebulous ideas and talk a lot of rubbish, though later on all his detractors had a nasty shock to see him make the most fundamental discovery in the history of humankind.

6) Last weekend they decided to have tons of fun at a party, but their neighbours spoilt all the fun quickly.


Now try to guess from micro dialogues which rhyming compound can be used to describe a situation.


7) — Can I scounge your pen from you?

- Fine. ______________

8) — Have you heard of the election results?

 - Yes, no prizes for guessing who won. They are professionals at rigging results.  ______________

9) — I really don't understand my sister, she is forever sobbing her eyes out while watching films.

- I guess she lacks something in life and needs such stuff. ______________

10) — I could have moved to the country but I guess I'm an urnabite, through and through.

- Yeah, you seem to be liking all this noisy activity. ____________

11) — Their relationship is on the rocks.

- It's not surprising what with so many arguments they have over nothing. ____________

12) — Bill knows chemistry backwards, you should pick his brains.

- I guess you are right.______________




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