Ответы к упражнениям по теме числа и количество

Упражнение 1

1) Some scientists believe that some moons around gas giants may be teaming with life and abound in many complex species of animals.

2) A dash/a drop/a dollop/a smidgen of mustard can definitely improve the flavour but an excessive amount of it can spoil the whole dish.

3) Cats are two/ten a penny/a dime a dozen in every country of the world.

4) We earned next to nothing in the sale, but at the same time we made loads of/a load of/a whole bunch of/oodles of/scores of promising contacts and clients.

5) There were loads of/scores of/a whole bunch of people at the party despite Jo's prediction who said there would be only a handful of them.

6) The most common reason why people change their job is because they earn a pittance/next to nothing in it.

7) Being aware of the danger of too much food for a starving cat, he gave it only a gobbet of/a few gobbets of meat and some broth first.

8) The area we live in is wonderful despite the fact that we have an abundance of/oodles of/loads of/scores of/a myriad of/a whole bunch of mosquitoes and just a handful of/a smattering of trees around.


Упражнение 2.

1)  Incorrect. This magazine comes out every fortnight, two weeks is too long for such an interesting periodical!

2) Correct. During a business trip you are entitled to $40 per diems.

3) Incorrect. We receive this bimonthly newsletter every two months/two times a month.

4) Incorrect. Ben easily organised this year's annual Christmas corporate party.

5) Correct. During the meeting all sport stars of yesteryear were present to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the sports centre.

6) Incorrect. Equinox is an occasion when day and night are of the same length.

7) Incorrect. The amount of money a person earns per annum is called an annual salary.

8) Incorrect. Dozen is an even number.

9) Correct. A gross is twelve dozens.

10) Correct. The arithmetic mean is the sum of all the values in a list of numerical values divided by the number of items in the list.

11) Incorrect. Five is a cardinal number, fifth is an ordinal number.


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