Упражнения для закрепления лексики по теме животные.

Упражнение 1. Определите тип животного из определения.

1) These animals  are active during daytime and sleep or rest at nighttime.

2) These are animals that feed on other animals.

3) Small furry mammals whose teeth never stop growing have this name.

4) These are animal that crawl or move on their belly (such as a snake) or on small short legs (such as a lizzard).

5) Animals that feed on grass have this name.

6) These are animals that lives both on land and in water.

7) Any animal of which the feemale feeds her young on milk from her own body.

8) Animals that are not wild and are kept as a pet or to produce food.

9) They are animals that eat food both of plant and animal origin.


Упражнение 2. Заполните пропуски выражениями из таблицы негативные аспекты животных в правильной форме. Иногда возможно использовать разные варианты выражений.

1)  _____________________ may well lead to disruption of natural food chains and further damage to animals.

2) __________________ is the primary cause of animal reproducing problems.

3) Local authorities should catch animals that _________________ to prevent the outbreak of infection.

4) Because of such illegal activities as ______________  some animals ________________.

5) If you are _______________, it is necessary to refrain from keeping them at home.

6) Within the last year the number of ____________ was decreased due to the creation of more animal shelters.

7) ________________ is the infliction of suffering or harm by humans upon animals either by neglect or deliberate cruel actions.

8) Some birds are ___________________ in zoos and thus cannot survive there.

9) People who ________ snow leopards contribute to the _____________ of this species and put _____________________.

10) My sister can't go to zoos because it is hard for her to see ___________________.


Упражнение 3. Найдите решение проблемы, используя слова из таблиц позитивные аспекты животных и помощь животным. Иногда возможен более чем 1 вариант.

1) Every day a lot of animals are abused all around the world.

2) There are a lot of stray dogs in the streets of our city.

3) Quite a large number of people suffer from loneliness at home.

4) The numbers of some animals are declining due to poaching.

5) Some animals have problems reproducing in zoos.

6) Shrinking animal habitats negatively affect people's well-being.

7) Some mountain goats that are slaughtered for their meat and hide are on the brink of extinction.

8) More and more forests are being cut down, which adversely affects wolves, bears and other forest denizens.

Ответы к упражнениям


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