Ответы к упражнениям по теме ловушки в разговорном английском

Ответы к упражнению.

1) What with so many things to do at work I can't make time for housework/can't get round to housework.

2) Sedentary work is said to be the culprit of obesity.

3) When Helen saw a mouse, she couldn't get a grip on herself and went/ran out like greased lightning.

4) Scrawling graffiti all over the fence was the last straw and Mark decided to complain to the police.

5) Having won the lottery, he was on cloud nine.

6) The cooking competition was intended to identify promising and talanted chefs.

7) When the car broke for the fifth time he felt it was a real case of Muphy's law.

8) The repetition of the performance took place at the factory where I was in my element.

9) My daughter is always spending too much time on the phone/is always on the phone, I wish somebody would help her see the world outside the phone.

10) The coach's policy was a carrot and stick approach and it was pretty obvious/plain as a pikestaff/plain as day that it was working.

11) — I am so glad Mike left the company.

    — Yeah, that makes two of us. Good riddance (to bad rubbish)!

12) Our subconscious is full of mysteries and unresolved puzzles even today.


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