Практика лексики по теме космос.


Упражнение 1. Прочтите предложение и напишите, о чем идет речь.

1) If a large object ever hits the Earth, all of us will be wiped out like dinosaurs.

2) Moving from one star system to another is still in the realm of science fiction now.

3) Scientists are wary of sending signals into space as creatures from other planets may turn out hostile and want to conquer our planet.

4) The dream of every astronomer is to find a planet where there is life, preferably intelligent one.

5) It is hard to see patterns of stars in big cities due to the pollution of the atmosphere.

6) The US government has unveiled some secret reports about inexplicably strange objects in the sky.

7) There are eight planets revolving around the sun in the place where we live.

8) Spacecraft without people on board may save lives of many people.

9) Most scientisits claim that it came into existence after the Big Bang.

10) Beyond the atmopshere of Earth, there is no air and it is extremely cold.


Упражнение 2. Перепишите предложения, перефразировав подчеркнутые части предложения.

1) Space travellers will have to travel an immensely long way to explore other solar systems. 

2) It is possible to prevent human beings from dying out by colonising other planets.

3) Astronauts in space suffer from harmful gamma rays emmitted by the sun and other planets.

4) An asteroid may inflict a heavy damage on our planet.

5) There are many things in space that can potentially destroy our planet.

6) The first and foremost aim of astronomy is to understand whether there are other intelligent species in space or not.


Ответы к упражнениям

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