Ответы к упражнениям по теме космос


Упражнение 1.

1) An asteroid

2) Interstellar travel

3) Extra-terrestrial beings/alien life forms

4) A habitable planet

5) A constellation

6) An undentified flying object (UFO)

7) The solar system

8) An unmanned spacecraft

9) The universe

10) The outer space (the universe, cosmos)


Упражнение 2.

1) Space travellers will have to cover huge distances in space to explore other solar systems. 

2) It is possible to prevent the extinction of humankind by colonising other planets.

3) Astronauts in space are exposed to hazardous cosmic radiation.

4) Our planet may suffer from an asteroid impact.

5) There are many things in space that pose a threat to our planet.

6) The first and foremost aim of astronomy is to find out whether humans are alone in space.




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