Использование формального английского. Практика.

Использование формального английского. Практика.

Прилагаю небольшое упражнение для тех, кто хочет попрактиковаться в использовании правильного английского в более формальной ситуации – на переговорах и других деловых ситуациях, в посольстве и т.п. В пропуск нужно вставить более формальный эквивалент разговорной фразы, выделенной жирным шрифтом.

  1. a) This is a place where you can do your own cooking.
    b) Our facilities allow you to .......... for yourself.
  2. a) This new shop is amazing. Lots of great things are up for grabs there!
    b) Many goods of supreme quality are .......... to anyone who makes a purchase in this new shop.
  3. a) I’ve heard that our company may start laying off some of our staff because of the crisis.
    b) Some personnel may be ………. on account of the hard economic situation.
  4. a) We'll tell you how you got on in the test in a fortnight.
    b)Candidates will be .......... of their results in two weeks.
  5. a) If you're not happy with the service in the restaurant you can talk to the manager.
    b) .......... wish to complain about our service, please contact the manager.
  6. a) You don't have to buy anything if you don't want to.
    b)  You are under no................. any of our products.
  7. a) Like most of her friends, she went to that school.
    b) She was a pupil at that school, ………… most of her friends.
  8. a) We're supposed to turn up 2 hours before we leave. 
    b)  Passengers are required to ……… at least 2 hours before departure.



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